Working ON vs. Working IN

This concept has been circling around my mind for a while now. The idea of working in vs working on. I couldn’t tell you where the thoughts were generating from, my subconscious maybe? I don’t remember if I heard this being talked about on a podcast I listened to or a book I read, all I know is that it kept popping up, begging me to sit with it. To unpack it. To look within and truly understand the difference between the two. I’m sure you’ve heard of this concept too; but if you haven’t - let’s break down the idea of working in vs working on.

Working in something = anything that is a job; the task at hand, the things you check off the list, managing and executing a job

Working on something = the strategic work; the why behind what you do, the planning, the vision, the research, the thing that keeps everything moving

Now, this can be connected to business, but it can also be used when thinking about and approaching life. Ask yourself this simple question and see what comes up for you - Are you constantly working IN your life/business (doing the chores, checking things off the list, going through the motions?) or are you consciously working ON your life/business (vision mapping, setting intentions, planning your desired outcome?) After I sat with this question, mostly in relation to my business, I realized I was spending so much damn time working IN my business, and hardly any time working ON it.

For the past year, I was doing all the things I thought I should be doing for my business - creating the content, providing readings, and mentoring my clients. These are all aspects I love about Tiffany Rising, however, I felt like a piece was missing. And boy was I right, a huge piece. The piece that lays the foundation and keeps the dial moving in the right direction – UP! It hit me like a ton of bricks, I wasn’t spending the necessary time working ON my business and it was starting to show. I felt frustrated, confused, and unsure why I wasn’t seeing the growth that I knew I was capable of.

Leave it to astrological timing to always show up and provide the necessary tools I need at the exact moment I need them. You see, Taurus is the ruler of my Imum Coeli – the IC for short. Basically, the foundation of my chart, literally and psychologically. It was no coincidence these lessons were being presented during this season of my life and within my business. Taurus traditionally rules the 2nd house, the house of earned income, and revolves around the inherent value we feel when earning that income. It also is the sign closely related to putting in the hard work that will yield the best results – as all earth signs are known to do, but Taurus lays the foundation and plants the seeds needed for the crops to grow. If you’re reading this today; May 5th 2021 – we still have an abundance of Taurus energy to work with and a new moon that will help anchor this idea and practice into your subconscious. Take some time to ponder all the ways you work on your business/life and all the ways you work in your business/life.

  • Create a list of all the things you do to work on your business (or your life) – intention setting, dreaming of the future, nailing down your why, feeling into the activities that bring you joy, what keeps your passion alive, how you create space for new ideas to flow in by removing blocks and limiting beliefs, researching, and planning…

  • Then create a list of all the ways in which you work in your business (or your life) – creating the content you share, doing the admin work, balancing the spreadsheets, making the product, providing readings…

  • If you’re anything like me, you’ll see that the scale is tipped – you quite possible spend most of your time working IN your business and need to allocate some much-needed time to work ON it. This is actually the fun part – let your imagination run wild and ask yourself questions like;

  • What’s the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME I could ever think up for my business

  • Ideally, how would I spend my days if anything were possible?

  • What is my vision for the next six months, next year, next 3 years?

  • Why did I start this business and what are my true passions? Are my actions in alignment with this? Do I need to restructure my day to day to get back on track?

  • What is my zone of genius? When do I feel the most flow and joy? What activities could I get totally lost in and lose all track of time?

  • Use your intuition to think of your own questions in relation to this idea and let your soul run wild

As we transition from this fixed earth energy into Gemini season, the wind starts to pick up and our message is spread more easily. Our network grows and the potential for success is unlimited as the Gemini twins give us constant access to information and a desire to learn, communicate, and connect with others. If we have a solid idea of where we are going, (ie; we have spent the necessary time working on our goals) the wind beneath our sails will surely take us there.

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