Where to Start on your Astrological Journey

Astrology is a language, one that can take a lifetime to study and truly understand. If you're anything like me, you grew up reading Seventeen magazine, flipping to the horoscope section only to be less than impressed with what it had to say about your Sun sign. Of course, I knew I was a Libra, but I felt like there had to be more, I NEEDED there to be more. Fast forward to me discovering the wonderful, mysterious world of natal astrology. The snapshot of the sky the moment you took your first breath on Earth, it really doesn't get more personal than that, I thought.

Thus began my obsession and fascination with astrology that lead to the daily decoding of my birth chart. Almost four years later, I am still deeply obsessed and enamored by the magick that lives within me, the magick I can see so clearly by diving into my chart. When you have a deeper understanding of yourself, you show up differently. There's a sense of appreciation and validation that allows the energy of your soul to come through, almost effortlessly. But, where do you begin?

The first time I looked at my chart I almost threw up with overwhelm, at that time I couldn't even tell you the 12 zodiac signs in order. It seemed almost impossible to wrap my head around all the symbols, lines, and energy within this 12 sliced circle. But like anything in life, I saw it as a challenge, a mountain I could climb, and so I did. Every day I learned more and more about the basics. I started memorizing the 12 signs in their rightful order. Then the planets who ruled the signs. Little by little the information I was devouring felt like it was unlocking things I already knew, like I was remembering, rather than learning it for the first time. Four years later, I'm still on this magickal path and I believe I am here to teach you how to decode and unlock the magick inside your soul, through the incredible language of astrology. Now to tackle the question highlighted in the title of this blog, where do you begin?!

Make sure the sound is on, you'll instantly be invited to hear the message that came through strongly this morning, where I talk all about where to begin. But for those who would rather read then listen, I get it - this written overview is for you!

Firstly, we begin on our astrological journey by being curious. Curious about ourselves, our behaviours, our partners, our children, our destiny, and about the magick of astrology. When we come at anything with a curious and open mind, it is likely that we will find a gem or two that keeps us mining for more. At least, that's what happened for me. Once I started on this path, the Universe kept dropping nuggets of gold, diamonds, gems, and most importantly a connection to something bigger than myself. I felt connected to the stars, to the planets, and I began to hear their voices and messages inside me as I learned more and more. So, it all starts by being curious.

Second, we take it ONE STEP AT A TIME. This is a sacred language we're talking about here, something that deserves respect, patience, and devotion to fully grasp the magick and potential this information holds. We pull up our chart, admire its beauty, and break it down piece by piece before we put it all back together again and see the true story of our soul. This is what I touch on in the audio recording. When we being, we look at our Top 3 - our SMR - Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. And then we DIVE DEEP, like really deep into the nitty gritty details of each one. This is the first step in the journey, at least in my opinion! (feel free to choose your own adventure when on this path, I fully believe in trusting your intuition over whatever anyone on the internet tells you to do!)

  1. We look at our Sun sign, and I know we all are familiar with it but really take a look at it. The Sun is our basic identity, our ego, and the way we shine in this life. Research its placement and read what others have gathered about this energy.

  2. What house is it in? What element? (fire, earth, air, water) What modality? (cardinal, fixed, mutable)

  3. Does it make aspects to any other planets?

  4. Is it above or below the horizon? (top or bottom of the chart when divided in half, hamburger style)

  5. Once we have a firm understanding of our sun sign, we dive into our Moon sign. Our emotional body, our needs, the way in which we respond, and process emotions. This is an incredibly important placement in our chart, one that requires and deserves a lot of attention as it rules our emotional life. (kind of a big deal, huh?)

  6. Use the same outline of questions as above and really feel into what your moon sign says about you.

  7. Now that we know how we shine, and how to take care of ourselves emotionally, we look at arguably one of the most important aspects in the entire chart -