Virgo New Moon

We’ve made it more than halfway through 2020, and what a doozy it has been. As the Sun transitions from the prideful, fiery energy of Leo the lion, we welcome the more practical and grounding energy of Virgo. From August 22nd – September 22nd the collective is brought back to Earth where the focus of selfless service is heightened. Virgo is the second of the three Earth signs, the others being Taurus and Capricorn. Its middle quality is related to the mutable modality, meaning it is the transitional sign between seasons and is the embodiment of change.

Virgo energy is related to duty, service, health and purity. It’s the cosmic co-creator that weaves the web of life, exposing patterns and solving problems along the way. As an Earth sign, Virgo reminds us of the practical side of life, the here and now rooted in reality. During this season, our analytical minds are sharpened, we approach life as if we are looking to solve a puzzle. Each piece that is uncovered is collected and placed perfectly in its appropriate spot. Virgos have a tendency to strive for perfection, getting lost in the meticulous details of a project can lead to missing out on the bigger picture which can keep us stuck spinning our wheels thinking we are not good enough. While striving for perfection isn’t always a bad thing, we have to remember that perfect isn’t real and doing our best in any given situation is ALWAYS good enough.

Not only is the Sun traveling through the Virgo constellation, Mercury – the messenger of the Gods and the fastest moving planet in our solar system also happens to be soaring through this energy as well. Mercury in astrology is related to our minds, how we communicate and process information, and just so happens to be the ruler of Virgo. This transit gives us an extra boost of in depth and analytical attention to our mental capacity. It’s the perfect time to focus on learning a new skill. It’s also a wonderful time to dive headfirst into your journal to unpack and tap into any emotions that may need to be healed or released.

This energy may feel particularly intense for anyone who has their Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Virgo – but we must remember that we ALL have Virgo somewhere in our natal chart. Knowing your natal placements and where Virgo falls in your chart can be incredibly helpful in navigating this season while also using this healing energy in a more individualized and personal way. The writing prompts below can (and should) be used in correlation to your own personal Sun, Moon and Rising sign. Don’t just stop at your sun sign, the information provided for each of the 12 zodiac signs can be very insightful for anyone and everyone. If you don’t know or have never looked up your natal chart – there are several websites that will cast your chart for you, all you need is your time of birth, birthday and the city and state in which you were born.

Aries: On September 9th, right in the middle of Virgo season, your ruling planet Mars will turn retrograde in his home sign of Aries. Not only is Mars incredibly comfortable and happy to be in his home sign, he will be traveling through it for the remainder of 2020. When Mars is direct and in Aries - forward, unapologetic motion is the name of the game. However, when he stations retrograde everything slows down and our path turns inward. We have an abundance of planets currently retrograde which invites us to reevaluate, rearrange, reassess, and review our choices and intentions.

  • Think back to June 27th when Mars first entered Aries, did you feel an influx of fire and energy to move forward on your path? What was happening around that time for your personally?

  • Where has your energy been directed lately? Are you feeling burnt out? How can you bring yourself back to balance?

  • During Virgo season, how can you incorporate more grounding practices in your daily routine to ensure your fire doesn’t burn out during this Mars retrograde?

Taurus: We currently have Uranus, the planet of revolution, innovation and radical change moving through your sign, who also happens to be retrograde. This energy asks us as a collective to reevaluate the way we use our Earthly resources as well as what is truly valuable to us as individuals. Being the first of the Earth signs, there will be a harmonious aspect between your Sun (or any Taurus placement you have) and the Sun in Virgo during this season.

  • What is truly of value to you? Take inventory of the most important things in your life and ensure you are focusing your energy towards those things.

  • How are you giving back during this time? Have you felt called to Mother Nature for healing?

Gemini: When the Sun is in Virgo it’s like the other side of you is also illuminated since you both share Mercury as your ruler. This enhances your mental processing and asks you to gather the information (which is something you’re already good at) and analyze what you’ve collected to share with those around you. Venus spent a great deal of time in your sign this year, making relationships and love the center of your attention.

  • What personal relationships have been affected for you this year?

  • Where is your mental attention being called to? How are you organizing the information you’re collecting?

  • How are you being called to share your gifts and knowledge with the world? How are you heeding that call?

Cancer: Virgo energy is incredibly healing and innately nurturing, something you relate to deeply. During this season, Venus the planet of love and beauty has moved into your sign. This energy asks you to focus on how you nourish and honor yourself, your home and your personal relationships.