Virgo Full Moon - An Interview With Tiffany Rising

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The moon is full and in the sign of Virgo - sitting right next to my natal Venus and Jupiter, expanding my love for all things witchy and woowoo. This energy is activating my need and desire to get clear on my intention and purpose when it comes to the business I've created in Tiffany Rising, and so on this Saturn Day - I did just that. I sat down and pretended I was being interviewed, I wrote in 3rd person to fully capture the energy I am calling in when it comes to my business and ya know what, it was FUN!

Saturn is my chart ruler, and he demands responsible action and detailed goals. By publishing this blog, I hope to appease him and show him that I am serious, that this is not just a fad or a trend or something that won't last. This is my life's purpose and mission, the fire that burns inside my soul. The stars speak to me every moment of every day, I would be utterly lost without their guidance. I truly believe that I am here to translate their messages and bring their incredible wisdom to the collective, and it is my honor to do so. Tiffany Rising is more than a business to me, it's my life - my soul - and my journey through this life and it's about time I fully accept and active my true authentic self. Below you'll find the interview I conducted with myself, it actually felt more like I was writing it to and for Saturn. It highlights my intentions, my goals, and my why for the work that I do.

"Tiffany believes that everyone has magick inside of them, a soul purpose that is begging to be worked with, cosmic energy that wishes to be unleashed. It is her life's mission to help others unlock and access the information within to transform lives, forever. What started as a hobby took over with intense passion and obsession as Tiffany began to see how incredibly accurate and astounding astrology truly was. She noticed almost immediately that the energy in her Cosmic DNA(a term she uses in relation to your natal chart) was itching to be worked with and set free, something she was happy to do. Being a lover of the occult and magickal realm from childhood, astrology and witchcraft felt like the perfect path to embark on. It didn't seem fair for her to keep all the knowledge she was learning to herself, and well, it was almost impossible not to talk about the cosmos in almost every conversation she found herself in. So off she went, deep into the unknown, trusting her feet knew where to go and that her soul would guide her home.

After a gentle push from her former roommate, and beloved friend she admires greatly, Tiffany Rising was created. Tiffany, the founder and CEO, has a Capricorn rising. Something she is incredibly proud of and knows she is here to rise into, this is where the name came from. A 28 year old (at the time Tiffany Rising was born) unsure of where to go or what to do with her life, decided it was time to rise to the occasion and set out on the path of her destiny. Right on time as Saturn was just about to return to his rightful place in her chart, initiating a time of transcendence into adulthood.

She began reading charts for fun and to enhance her skills, which quickly caught fire and took off like the wind. Her intention always has been and always will be, to empower her clients to connect deeper to their own divinity and Cosmic DNA through the language of the stars. Tiffany is simply a translator and a teacher who can interpret and read the energy of the cosmos and relay the information back in a tangible way. The information gathered from a natal chart can be used to deeper understand every area of a person's life; their strengths and weaknesses, soul's purpose, career insight, relationship advice, family patterning and so much more.

Tiffany's intention in creating her spiritual business is to create and cultivate an inclusive community of individuals who wish to learn more about the magick that is all around us. She provides practical advice and relatable readings to empower her clients to learn more about the stars and the influence they have on all of us here on Earth.

Tiffany Rising is a community driven, educationally focused, spiritual business that uses astrology to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their personality and how the stars impact their life.

Tiffany Rising values inclusivity, integrity, and community. The container that has been created within Tiffany Rising embodies a safe space to discuss the cosmos and the connection the stars play in the lives we live on Earth.

Tiffany, the founder and CEO, is deeply passionate and committed to her practice of astrology which is aimed at helping her clients unlock their true potential, understand themselves at the deepest level, and use the magick of the stars to guide and enhance their daily life.

Tiffany provides energetic and spiritual counseling via the language of astrology. She introduces her clients to the archetypes of the cosmos and how the planets influence their lives and personality as well as how to work with them to achieve harmony, balance, and magick every single day.

Tiffany Rising provides several services which include; natal chart readings done via audio recording with a connection call after the reading is received. She specializes in weekly routine organization that helps her clients align their day with their cosmic DNA (their natal chart). She also provides astrology lessons to help teach her clients how to read and interpret their own natal chart.

When she's not reading charts or teaching astrology, she is preparing or recording for the podcast, The AstroWitch Download, she co-hosts with her dear friend and soul sister Dani, That Witch Next Door. Together they have created an incredible community and Coven of like minded souls that continues to grow."

The sky's the limit when you speak the language of the stars, and it is my great honor to translate and teach the energy of the cosmos so you too, can access the magick above and below.

- Tiffany Rising

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