Taurus Season - 2021

After the pioneering warrior Ram transitions into the quiet and sturdy domain of the Bull, we are instantly met with lush green grass under our feet. A welcome feeling after treading relentlessly on the harsh terrain from which Aries just came. The fiery cardinal sign initiated a new cycle and with it a voyage of self-discovery, brining us and the Earth back to life. Now that we've set fire to the past, we are met with the present - the place where Taurus resides.

Being an Earth sign and the second of the zodiac, Taurus introduces us to the material world, of matter and tangible resources, and teaches us that while it is important to start new things and experience grand adventures, it is equally important to see those endeavors through and root into a more stable and reliable routine. With Venus as its ruler, Taurus is attracted to all things lush, luxurious, beautiful and useful. It is through this energy we understand the value of the resources Earth provides and we learn how to work with nature, not against it. We study the soil, and plant seeds of growth and opportunity, knowing that all things worthwhile take patience, a healthy environment, and hard work in order to flourish. Taurus knows its limitations and boundaries, and uses the gift of perception to navigate the world around them. The Bull is patient, practical, perceptive, creative, artistic, and at times painfully stubborn. It takes a lot to anger a Taurus, but when provoked to that point, you better watch out. During this season we are asked to connect to our values and material resources on the deepest level. The Sun and Mercury both enter this domain on April 19th, kicking off Taurus season with a bang, and meet up with Venus who has made herself at home (as this actually is her home sign).

During this season we will experience a more grounded energy, one that will help us root down and anchor in our hopes and dreams and all that was discovered during Aries season. We are gifted the skills that Taurus possess; the ability to work with the material world to create beauty and healthy routines that will be sustainable and long lasting. However, it won't be all sunshine and rainbows; there is a rather large obstacle that Venus, the Sun, and Mercury will all encounter over the next coming weeks - Uranus! To leave the suspense and honestly for the sake of time in reading this blog; I will be diving deeper into all things Taurus, and the triple meet up with Uranus over on my Patreon. You can join by clicking the link below!

Until our next meeting, look to where Taurus is in your chart to know how this season will impact you personally. You can always schedule a reading with me to help get a deeper understanding of your chart! I will be providing updates and astrological content over on my Instagram - be sure you're following along there. I'll also be pouring my heart into my Patreon - a safe community and space for all to come and learn and grow with the help of the stars, the invitation to join is here - I hope to see you there!

All my love, -Tiffany Rising

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