Scorpio Full Moon

| Scorpio Full Moon | April 26th - 27th | 9:31pm mst | 7° of Scorpio

Amid Taurus season, we are greeted with the annual Scorpio Full Moon – one of the most intense and transformative of the whole year. Scorpio asks us to get in touch with the deepest, darkest, most intimate parts of ourselves and our lives. While Taurus anchors us to the Earth, our values, and our possessions. Both signs connect us to our resources (one tangible, the other internal) The Taurus – Scorpio polarity invokes our ability to see the beauty in everything and harness its power – both the light and the dark. There is a heavy Taurus signature to this full moon as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all sit opposite La Luna. All eyes are on the shadow, the dark unknown of the underworld. Scorpio is passionate, mysterious, intense, psychic, and so many other things. This full moon is an invitation, into your shadow. Into the parts of yourself that hold the key to an incredibly beautiful life, only if you’re willing to dive below the surface, enter the unknown, and acknowledge your pain. For it is only when we hold our darkness in the light, we able to move forward and transform it. Scorpio teaches us that there is power in darkness, in holding space for the more tender and icky parts of life, knowing it is essential for our growth. Full moons illuminate what’s below the surface, something Scorpio is inherently drawn too. We can tap into our emotional bodies with ease under this moon, which may cause an influx of feelings – take your time and sit with whatever comes up over the next few days. The energy in the sky is predominantly Earth and Water; allowing us to tap into our more feminine and receptive energy bodies. Slip into a warm bath with rose petals, a glass of red wine, and decadent dark chocolate and let your mind wander to the edge. Let your pain speak, hear what it wants to share with you. The Scorpio energy will aid in deep transformation, healing, and energy renewal. If you want to learn more about this full moon, head over to my Patreon and join now to unlock an episode and other goodies!

As I started writing this newsletter, about the Scorpio Full Moon, one that exudes passion and intensity - all the words I wrote fell flat on the page. No emotion behind them, just words. Now as a Scorpio moon myself, there was no way I was going to share passionless words. How silly of me, to think I could write about you without experiencing you first. The passion filled words come only after I’ve felt them in my body. I stepped away from my computer, and onto my mat, and tapped into my scorpio moon heart - my favorite playlist ready to help me escape. The Scorpio energy lured me deeper and deeper into myself, into the parts of my body that were sticky and uncomfortable. The places that didn’t feel safe to move, my body tensing at the thought of releasing the block inside of me. What if it hurts? What if I can’t move? What if I look silly? Then, I feel the song, and my body moves with ease. I can feel the fluid seep through my joints after I move with my heart. It’s euphoric, the calm after the storm. All the rage and anger that is stuck inside me has a chance to release as I move to the music. I can feel my heart soften. The beats are more rhythmic, more poetic. I feel a deeper sense of connection, to myself and to the world I am living in. I feel more confident in my skin. I release and then I restrict. I play a game with myself as I flow through the music. How deep can I get? How far can I push this stretch before I break? Literally and figuratively. How much more can I produce until I burn out? Can a phoenix choose when to fall to ashes, in order to be reborn again? Because, if they can…. if we can. I choose now, I choose this moment to let all that blocks me be burned to ash. I choose to surrender to the pain, slip through to the other side like morphine in my veins. Without struggle, without a fight. Take me under, show me the light. I’ve done this before, let myself burn to ashes on the ground. This time is different, I can feel myself ready to come back stronger than ever before. I surrender to the idea of death, knowing that life is not possible without it. To me, this Scorpio Full Moon teaches us that through the spiritual process of dancing with one’s shadow; shedding layers, and burning one’s current self to the ground, so a new version can emerge, is an act of deep intimacy with one’s soul. I trust that by releasing my grip to stories of the past, to the person I used to be, I will create the necessary space for new life to take its place. And as I dive deeper and deeper into myself, I learn more about my strength. The strength that can only come from pain. The strength and perseverance that Taurus teaches us. This is a season of growth, unlike ever before. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate uncharted waters. With Mars in Cancer and this Scorpio full moon; our emotions are heightened. It’s the perfect time to let your emotions flow through you, let yourself cry. Let yourself rest, and let yourself recharge under this potent and healing full moon. And know that you are not alone in your pain; together we can rise above it.

All my love, -Tiffany Rising