Thursday Tree Healing

May 28, 2020

Over the past year I've cultivated a practice of connecting with the Planets. Each day of the week is ruled by a planetary body, and today is Thursday - Jupiter's day. This morning I woke up and felt his energy surging through me, like it normally does every Thursday. 

In my natal chart, Jupiter sits in my eighth house of mystery and shadow realm, in the sign of Virgo - very analytical and precise. I had all the intention in the world to sit at my computer all day and do just this, work on my website (turns out you can't just buy a domain and have everything magically appear, it takes work) Jupiter had a different plan for our day together. 

Yesterday, my beautiful mother gifted me this bike, we shall call her the Silver Fox. As I sat at my computer this morning, I felt zero motivation to do anything. I could hear Silver Fox calling me to take her for a spin. I felt the shadow creeping in, I SHOULD be working on my website. I SHOULD have the motivation to write and create, but I didn't.  So, I asked Jup what he wanted to do and without hesitation, he replied "ride your bike, get some coffee and go find a tree to sit under, you'll know why once you're there". So I did. As I write these words I have full body chills (my sign that I'm connected to my highest self and speaking from my soul). 

After grabbing an iced coffee from Cherry Bean, I parked Silver Fox amongst this tree and admired her beauty. To be completely honest - I'm actually quite scared of riding a bike. I took a nasty fall when I was younger - riding in platform sandals at the age of 9 is a quick way to find yourself with a bloody knee, I still have a scar.  That event stuck with me and 19 years later I'm still timid and slightly afraid. However, today I felt powerful and completely in control of my bike and myself. This is the magic of Jupiter's placement in my chart, alchemizing pain into power. 

I opened my Spotify playlist for Gemini season (I create one for every season!) and played Nahko and Medicine for the People "Take your Power Back" and sat my behind in the perfect spot with my back against this majestic tree. Little green bugs started crawling all over me, they were so tiny but I could feel every movement they made. I didn't brush them off, I let them explore my body and roam free. With my back against the tree I asked for it to remove all the toxins from my body and as I repeated this over and over more little green bugs started crawling on me. I instantly knew they were helping to remove the toxins, working with the tree to bring me back to balance. The song ended and I removed my headphones, craving the sound of nature and the voice of this tree that called to me. 

After my meditation was done, I felt completely refreshed, excited to create and ready to return home to my computer. I rubbed my hands together, placed them on both sides of the tree and thanked her for her healing energy, expressing my gratitude, reassuring her that I would be back for more time together. 

Next time you're out in nature, take a few moments to sit and connect with the first tree that calls to you, I promise you wont regret it. I know I don't, and I know exactly why Jupiter guided me to her before I sat down to write. 

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