Dreamy Pisces Full Moon

On September 1st 2020 the sky will be illuminated under the beaming light of the full moon. Full moons happen every month, and every month they occur in different zodiac signs. Because the Moon requires light from the Sun to shine, Full Moons always occur when the moon is 180 degrees away from the Sun, or what we call an opposition in astrology. During the month of September, the Sun travels through the analytical and methodical sign of Virgo, which could only mean one thing. The moon for this lunation is traveling through the mystical and dreamy sign of Pisces.

For centuries full moons have been related to a time of enhanced and erratic behavior. There is something about the vastness and beauty of the moon in this phase that brings out a wide variety of emotions in people, which makes a lot of sense seeing how the Moon in astrology rules on inner emotions and well, most of our physical body due to the fact that we’re made up of 70% water. The polarity between the Sun and the Moon causes a buildup of tension, when it reaches its fullest, it’s up to us find the balance between the two. This is a time for clarity, where no shadow is left in the dark. The moon illuminates the sky, and also our intentions, goals, and areas where we may be off course. During this phase we are invited to reevaluate the seeds we planted during the new moon. Are we in alignment with those goals? Do we need to course correct? Maybe even scrape the new moon goals all together and create new ones now that we can see the whole picture. The energy of the full moon depends on the zodiac sign it’s in and any aspects being made during this phase. This particular full moon will occur in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, think completion and wholeness – it’s akin to the ocean, vast, deep, mystical and somewhat unpredictable. To understand a little about the energy and the flavor of this month’s full moon we look to the characteristics that describe Pisces. Pisces is the 3rd water sign, it’s the evolved energy of Cancer and Scorpio – (think in terms of pokemon). A few key words to describe Pisces would be; mystical, imaginative, empathetic, dreamy, escapist, oceanic, spiritual. Knowing that the moon is already tied to our emotions and feelings, when the full moon occurs in Pisces this energy is elevated to the extreme. Our intuition will be enhanced, dreams will be more vivid, and our moods may fluctuate. Because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, this is also a lunar cycle completion before the Moon enters Aries and a new cycle begins – take some time to really sit with your body on this full moon. Feel into whatever emotions come up for you and take the time to journal. Set magical intentions before entering into the dream world and record what messages come through the next morning.

If you’re super into astrology and know a thing or two about your own personal natal chart look to where you have Pisces and see what house / planets this moon is activating for you. This information could shed some light and help gear your rituals to a specific area of your life.

Happy Pisces Full Moon – may the mystical magic of this energy illuminate your soul and bring your wildest dreams to life. – Tiffany Rising

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